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Babies Smile

Skunk says personal pain is broadcast,
harp strings shake spice flakes
babies smile and grab food, Skunk says cherries fall,
money in the cave, tap click tap
sit there, lose hair, drink coffee, fluorescent breath baby aspirin commute
original, new, spirit, sweat drop, documents present visualization broken
skunk says connect the data hub, grill the Angus grill the portabello
film the child, splashing in the muddy puddle, film the child swinging laughing
watching them scan, tap the numbers clap clap clap saving to the cloud
breathing the sunny Baltimore, inner harbor, federal hill, across the years
babies dance, grandfather legs ache and splay
with each beat urge and constrain learn to play
connect public fruit
on the ground, in the mouth, fermented and fallen sacrifices skunk says babies smile
grown fabrics chafe the relief of cool air on the buttocks of music tickling
swinging as banks close harp strings shake dreams burn slowly dripping
dance steps sweat drops
skunk says I can see a breathe
a single human conviction
an infinite odor potent journey
swinging sitting in the hospital,
spraying expanding storing it in the cloud.