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Today you might perish, you might flourish,

Today you might perish, you might flourish,
investments could balloon, a woman could say yes, that hurricane could destroy all your possessions
let us call this Fate, or circumstances beyond control
I like to imagine that a missile is traveling toward my city,
in a few seconds, it will land, my office will no longer exist, my cat, her toys, and the portraits of her will convert to a sediment that mingles with soil that freckles bedrock,
even I may not exist, this is evidence that in a moment, any moment, all that we know can be
lost or gained, you will read or be told that it takes time to accomplish, to transform, to succeed, a climb worthwhile movement is dependent upon circumstances that have been cultivated,
if you haven’t done this, if passion alone is guiding you
events erode quick like packaging in consumer hands
I will take the worms over the smell, we will live, prepare coffee, refinish our hardwood floor
you will read or be told that it is too late, others are well ahead, don’t try it is fruitless
this is true, try anything and compare, a rotten apple, a compost heap cannot help but cultivate something fresh
remember that time it felt like the water was pulling, a body drifting downward
remember that time you spoke just a few words, she giggled, or baby smiled
remember when you had that interview and it led to a job you held for twenty years
in each breath there is a potential, a cipher of paradox you can sing, at this moment you realize,
instant birth infinite flourish you will say I have done it
explode like a missile toward the next breath.