We’re not considering poetry at this time

Of course, you aren’t, no one reads poems.  I haven’t read a poem since 7th grade when a teacher forced us to read one aloud.  Even then, I didn’t read it, I spoke it like I was reading the label from a foreign pretzel bag and it made no sense.  Anything worth reading must make sense.  Life must make sense because if it doesn’t then there is uncertainty, and that is paralyzing.  Have you ever been paralyzed?  I mean unable to function, perform, stuck.  It is not great.  So why read poetry if it can make you feel cornered, trapped against a wall without footholds.  I suppose some enthusiasts might say, “Poems can be enlightening”, but I was just listening to David Mamet, he says people love the New Yorker poems, but ask them to recite one line, they can’t, his point is that if they truly found it enlightening the poems would stick.  Some poems do stick though, T.S. elliot is often quoted, so is Wordsworth, and if you expand the definition of poetry to songs lyrics, well then…this is a controversial, at least to those that think they are poetic scholars, the origin of poetry is derived from oral folk songs, so it seems to me that through song poetry is alive and well, so if you are poet and you want a readership, add some instruments, start with a few notes on the piano, or ukulele chords, or simply ask a friend to whistle while, the act of performance elevates the poem, then you can publish the lyrics and some will read, not poems, not poetry, but the pattern of sounds, this makes sense, like the Dr. Seuss books you read to the children each night.