Rain Without Training Wheels

June 3rd, spring rain is thinly layered on the parking lot
sky full of my feelings, clouds and late afternoon sun rays
less than two weeks before your fifth birthday
it is your second time
without training wheels

freedom, accomplishment, exhilaration, all in the timber of your voice
as you explain that I don’t need to run alongside
I see a concrete footing of a light pole
and know that you haven’t mastered turning
ready to sprint, I smile as you sing songs
as the tires splash through puddles
I remember how simple life should be
enjoying the progress, the development, the movement
circular and wet, each breath feeling the balance
a confidence in existence, a duality of reliance,
one hand at the ready to support, two hands on the steering, both minds on the reality
always seeking to steady the body, roll across landscapes, with family without training wheels.