Last Pizza in Pittsburgh

Banned in every state except Pennsylvania 
research linked the consumption
to nearly all deaths, so
no more pizza in America
except at home, with a cigarette
yet Pennsylvania persisted
specifically Pittsburgh, it was the last city
to institute, 
a pizza ban
before though, I found the last piece
for sale at Tony’s
and ate that pizza with a beer
now in the hospital
no pizza, no beer, just a memory
triangles of temptation, 
tears at Tony’s
as my children eat Asian pears
as my grandchildren drink kombucha
I slowly pass, degrade with the cardboard boxes
slip into a puddle of grease
the white paper plates held between forefinger and thumb
American anthems retune, trends come
healthizza is here, plant-based forever
to Tony’s to persist, each generation to succumb 

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Morning Routine

It was coffee,
then a smoothie, a blueberry bar, and vegan breakfast burrito
next twenty minutes meditating, fifteen reading personal growth posts
a five-mile loop  running at the threshold, yoga, journaling longhand, and positive thinking

until one morning, the coffee was gone, 

I stood in front of the bathroom mirror, and saw I had forgotten, to shave
for thirteen years.
Underneath the hair, I felt a strange face
one that belonged, to the night
with a razor it revealed
the evening routine
and now each morning
I sleep, then shower, and go to work
sipping coffee in the car,
listening to NPR podcasts

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